A little boy I know recently got a new baby brother, and is consequently raking in the loot as Big Brother.  One of his presents was a Fisher-Price shaving kit, complete with plastic razor, shaving mirror, and pretend can of foam.  I can just picture him in the bathtub or standing next to his dad, pretending to shave, because I remember standing in the bathroom watching my dad shave.  Every time, my dad would take a scoop of shaving foam (not the aerosol canned kind, either, the real stuff from a cake of soap in a mug, with a shaving brush swirling it into a lather!), and stick it on my nose, sending me into gails of laughter.

I also remember wishing I was a boy, and could shave, too – it looked like fun, and was so clean and smelled so spicy.  Of course, now that I am a post-menopausal woman, I shave my face every day, and it’s not nearly as much fun as I imagined it…..

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