Willows and Books

In my paradise of a back yard, we have a volunteer weeping willow.  Volunteer because it arrived unnoticed, took root and grew without us (Bruce) planning or planting it.  And the tree is one of my very favorite things.  It’s leaves and branches sway and dance in the slightest Texas breeze, and watching it is more soothing to my soul than even an aquarium.  It is especially beautiful in Spring, when the leaves are just budding out in lime green against the deep azure sky, lovely and graceful.

And The Wind In the Willows is one of my favorite books; Mole and Ratty and Mr. Toad, who, at first glance live in a children’s book, but I re-read this book at least every year, and find just as much joy and laughter in it as an adult.

Which brings us to today’s rant.

Daughter and I were at Cracker Barrel, shopping in the country store, as you do after a much too large breakfast, and she found a book of children’s stories, picking it up because it had wonderful illustrations.  It included The Wind in the Willows, Black Beauty, Treasure Island, and about 5 others.  BUT EACH BOOK WAS ONLY 20 OR SO PAGES.  Literally, The Wind in the Willows started on page 100, and Black Beauty started on page 122. I almost lost my pancakes, I was so horrified.  How can you appreciate Badger’s wisdom, and Mr. Toad’s adventures, in only 20 pages?  How can you cry your soul out over Black Beauty’s horrible mistreatment, holding the story in your heart forever, in only 20 pages?  How can you become a fierce pirate and sail the seven seas in only 20 pages?  This book is a travesty, and, while I abhor censorship in any fashion, feel that this book is certainly at the top of the list, no, the only one ON the list, to be burned.

Ok. Rant over.  Here is a soothing willow for you to view. Carry on.


Postscript:  My squirrel brought her babies around to visit!baby-squirrels

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