The Prince (not the one with a weird sign for his name)

I try really really hard not to talk politics with anyone, including my husband.  It leads to fights and talks of divorce. But I read this in this morning’s Writer’s Almanac, written by Garrison Keillor, and could not help comparing it to the presidential candidates – you decide which one. and I bet you each think of a different one.
 “…he wrote that morality was irrelevant when it came to running a state. He didn’t advocate evil for its own sake, and believed rulers should stick to the good whenever possible. But he also said they should be willing to perform evil acts when it became necessary to hold onto their power and maintain the security of the state.”
Written by Machiavelli in The Prince,  in 1513.

One thought on “The Prince (not the one with a weird sign for his name)”

  1. Fun fact: many authors consider The Prince to be satire, especially when contrasted with Machiavelli’s other works. I heard an interesting debate between some friends about it once, and read a wikipedia article. Now I’m totes an expert. But really, the Wikipedia article makes some interesting points about the book that I had not previously considered. And the internet never lies.

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