The Men In My Life

The men in my life are strong and like good music, though all are different eras – the men and their music.

None work in cubicles

All are as tough as life, but would adopt a stray cat on no more of a promise than a plaintive meow

All are denim, not silk

The men in my life have strong hands, and work with wood, or metal, or minds

and will give an unexpected kiss in a moment to be cherished above all things

The men in my life are teachers, of a kind, love symmetry, believing that all things are equal, including man

and woman

They have no patience with with disrespect, or rudeness

The men in my life walk alike, and gesture minimally

They brook no unnecessary frivolity, but can laugh at naught

They have all taught me love compassion empathy

And have a heart at sometimes bewildered with me, a “what the hell?” and yet standing back and giving run

Each one I need in my life

Their names are strong

They push me to be my best, to try for the best, to want only the best

They want to solve my problems, but know only I can do that

They are in me, with me, for me.